The glass cabin: why people should connect more with nature (West Sweden)

If there is something I learned since I’ve moved to Sweden is that the work/life balance is key to good mental health. In fact, listening to one’s body is an essential step towards mindfulness. For this reason, we wanted to try the glass cabin, and see if it really worked.

Swedish quality of life is famous. And, to prove nature’s benefits Sweden did a case study: The 72 hours glass cabin.

The glass cabin lost in Swedish nature

It was a beautiful afternoon. We spent the last 6 hours on trains and buses. Therefore, we were excited to arrive at the reception of Dalslands Aktiviteter eager to discover our accommodation.

It was extremely hot that day. Actually, it was one of the hottest days of summer so we felt lucky as the forecast was suggesting rain.  Alex, who was responsible to show us the place drove us in his car for about 5 minutes.

When the car stopped we walked for a couple of minutes down a path and couldn’t imagine what we were about to see. The end of the path revealed a dreamy glass cabin overlooking the mightiest lake I’ve ever seen. 

The concept behind the 72 hours glass cabin is simple: a glass roof, glass walls, and no electricity to charge phones or turn the lights on. We knew it would be interesting to see how Swedish nature could help us get rid of some of the stress we’ve been experiencing lately.

When night came we had no other choice than lighting up the candles, which created a cozy and romantic atmosphere. We had those little white curtains that could be drawn to create a sense of intimacy. The roof of the glass cabin let the natural lights come in through the roof and the dark shapes would make us sleepy.


If you’re into Scandinavian interior design then this place is for you. The glass cabin is made of light wood. The minimalistic headboard was full of those famous IKEA candles and we had way more grey and beige pillows than what we needed. They really did a good job of creating the perfect atmosphere.

A luxurious camping experience

Even though the concept comes from a study, it is more luxurious than the common camping experiences. We had a staff dedicated to filling our water supply, bringing us food and making sure our stay was enjoyable.


When arriving at the glass cabin we received a backpack. It contained two water bottles, a flashlight, and more camping essentials. Actually, these details made our stay more authentic and we could really close to nature. I think it had to do with the fact that we knew we didn’t need much to enjoy these 48 hours together.

Beside the glass cabin, there was a pit toilet and a sink with two galloons of water. Every day around 6 PM the staff would come and bring us a cold box containing our breakfast for the next morning and dinner (barbecue). The reason why they would bring everything at the same time, once a day, was that they wanted to give us some privacy, so we could really immerse ourselves in Swedish nature.

Our first night we had a vegan barbecue: vegan patties, bread, a salad, and a few more tasty things. It was simple. But having all the accessories to make our own barbecue, our own coffee, and being able to eat alone in front of the lake was amazing. The glass cabin in itself is quite luxurious but it doesn’t take away the authentic camping atmosphere either.

The reception of Dalslands Aktiviteter also has a restaurant. As we experienced the barbecue and alone-time the evening before, we wanted to try it. There is a huge difference between the standing of the glass cabin and what the restaurant has to offer. The prices are very high, and the food doesn’t match that (not that it’s bad). So, we would recommend: go for the experience Swedish nature brings. Eating in front of the lake, enjoying the last rays of the sun and, being truly present. It’s only 100 SEK per person, but it’s really worth it!


The main reason why we wanted to go to the glass cabin was for its relaxing effect. So we were pleased when we saw that the only things we could do were tanning, swimming in the lake and going for a little rowboat adventure.

Dalslands Aktiviteter offers other things like horse riding and climbing trees. But, what was included in our package was the rowboat, the food and, the freedom to enjoy Swedish nature as much as we wanted to! We wouldn’t change a thing, being away from civilization for 48 hours was truly rewarding. We talked about our dreams, laughed for hours and, connected through extreme experiences. Yes, a snake was swimming in the lake was Rapha was taking a dip. Nothin happened yet, it was extreme.

Far from the noise

What the glass cabin has to offer is the simplest and most valuable thing: being present. For the past few years, I tried a few things. First, I tried meditation and fitness. Then, I went into yoga and dancing. Depending on the path I’m on a few things will work, others won’t.


Sometimes it’s just a matter of going off tracks for a while. Camping was not in our bucket list. We thought we’d be bored and that forests and lakes were not for us. And yet, we felt a huge relief when we realized we had to save our phone’s battery life. We charged them, together with our computers at the reception (20 min walking) and, ended up talking under the stars at night instead of watching fun videos.

There, looking at the lake I felt completely at peace with myself, my relationship and nature. First, I was afraid I’d be bored or wouldn’t be able to sleep because of the glass walls (and vampires). But, the reality was something else. Waking up with the sun running on top of the trees and lightning the dark lake was a beautiful experience. It was just us, nature and a nice cup of coffee…

Booking your glass cabin: How, when and how much?

As the glass cabins don’t have electricity you might want to go when the temperatures are nice (summertime). When checking on their website here, it showed fully booked. But, we realized it was a malfunction because when contacting them by email we got ourselves a spot.



The 72 hours in the glass cabin include breakfast, lunch and, dinner. So, if you’re only there to relax the price you’re paying at your booking is what you should expect in total.

Base Package:
1 person = 6695 SEK/person (624 EUR)
2 persons = 3995 SEK/person (372 EUR)

  • Your own 72 Hour Cabin
  • “Welcome Fika” (fika in Swedish is a traditional “break” where you drink a cup of coffee or tea and have one or two pastries)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Rowing Boat
  • Fishing rod (we didn’t use those as fish are our friends!)

NOTE: If you want pre-made dinners delivered at your glass cabin (like we did) it’s 100 SEK more per person. We recommend it!

Additional options:
If you want to make the most out of your stay and are feeling adventurous they offer additional options like bushcraft, trail riding, archery and more…

We hope this was useful and that you’ll enjoy your stay in the glass cabin if you ever decide to go. This was a collaboration with Dalslands Aktiviteter but, this article is a 100% honest review of our experience.
If you have any recommendation for similar experiences please let us know in a comment!

Kim and Rapha

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