Ultimate Malmo vegan food guide (vegansk restaurang malmö)

Malmö city is a beautiful town in the south of Sweden. Only one bridge away from Copenhagen (Denmark), it is the perfect place to find vegan and vegetarian brunch places. This Ultimate Malmo vegan food guide (vegansk restaurang malmö) comes from intensive research on (and consumption of) Swedish Fika. So, even if you’re in Copenhagen, hop on the train for a Malmo day trip to enjoy some vegan food. 

Before we continue you need to know a very crucial thing, the most crucial thing about Swedish food actually. You need to know what is Fika. It is so much more than a coffee break, and the Swedes are very protective of it. Swedish Fika is a tradition, and it must be respected. If you want to know the very serious description (written on the official website of Sweden) take a look here. But now, let’s start with our Ultimate Malmo Vegan Food Guide.

Vegetarian and vegan foods in Malmö:

Sweden has put a lot of effort into becoming a leader sustainable lifestyle (read more). Wellbeing and green lifestyle is something that you learn to appreciate and respect living here. Veganism is not a trend anymore, we are past that. So, finding vegan-friendly restaurants and brunch places is not hard at all. If in doubt when looking at a menu: vegetarisk is vegetarian and, vegansk is vegan.

Jord – an all vegan and plant-based cafe:

Jord is the perfect Swedish Fika place. It is both a cafe and a concept shop. It’s completely vegan, so you’ll have only vegan foods offered and sometimes even raw foods. The pastel green plants add a beautiful contrast to the white tiles. Families and students come here to enjoy a Sunday brunch or afternoon Fika.

It gets crowded really early during the weekend so I suggest to avoid getting there at lunchtime, you might have to wait for a table. They have everything from their own kombucha and coffee, to all different types of cakes. But, my favorite things to order are those two ones: hummus plate or mushroom toast (and of course the banana cake together with a latte if you’re going for a Swedish Fika).

It’s number one on my Malmo vegan food guide (and one of my favorite brunch places) because I genuinely go there every weekend. The atmosphere is really cozy and calm so it’s pretty convenient to read, work or sketch.

Falsterbogatan 1
211 58 Malmö

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 08 – 16
Saturday – Sunday: 10 – 17

The plates and toasts ≈ 70 sek – 100 sek
The cakes ≈ 30 sek – 45 sek

Jesus Baren – Chilean vegan and vegetarian cafe:

Jesus Baren is, in my opinion, the most convivial place to have a Swedish Fika. The style of the cafe can be described in one word: busy. Actually two words: extremely busy. They serve vegetarian and vegan options which mill make everyone happy.

The atmosphere is very different than Jord’s. Students come here to study, chat and enjoy their completo (the vegan hot dog). The diversity of people is something that amazes me. You hear speaking Swedish, of course, but also Spanish and English. Every Sunday that I go there I can enjoy hearing speaking Spanish as the owners themselves are Chileans, and a lot of their regular clients also speak Spanish.

The blue walls are full of Frida Kahlo portraits, Spanish and Latinos movies and, cultural posters. It gives this place a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other Malmo vegan restaurant. So if you’re coming from Copenhagen to Malmö just for one day, make sure not to miss this place. It represents Malmö’s diverse identity so well. Oh, and don’t forget the vegan hot dog!

Malmö, Sweden 214 36

Monday to Sunday
11:00 – 18:00

Affordable but small portions

Café Grannen – homnivore, vegan and vegetarian options:

If you find yourself in front of a beautiful wall filled with art you arrived at Cafe Grannen. The woman running this place is an artist and her paintings give “soul” to the room. Well, her vegan foods do too…

In all honesty, we love to go there because it’s a very tasty buffet. In other words, you pay once and then you eat, you eat and, you eat more. What’s even more amazing is that the food is homemade. Everything tastes delicious. It is not easy in Sweden to find something that is really good and in quantity. This place has both, and we love it for it. 

Cafe Grannen is quite small so I recommend you to get there early (or book a table by phone). There is something for everyone, from meats to fantastic vegan pies and pasta salads. Also, be aware that going on a weekday is cheaper than going over the weekend. It is a small detail but it can be quite interesting if you’re in Malmö for a few days and wonder when to go. 
It ranks number 3 in our Ultimate Malmo vegan food guide, as it’s one of our favorites Sunday brunch places with Rapha.

Östervärnsgatan 5,
212 18 Malmö

WEEKDAYS: 9:30 – 14:00
WEEKENDS: 9:30 – 15:00

With coffee or tea: 139 sek
With Latte or Capuccino: 155 sek
Kids (5-12 yeard old): 69 sek

With coffee or tea: 89 sek
With Latte or Capuccino: 105 sek
Kids (5-12 yeard old): 40 sek

Mineral – plant-based kitchen with seasonal products:

There is something special in knowing that you’re eating food that has been consciously picked to respect your health and nature. This is what Mineral is offering: a plant-based menu, some small wines and, locally produced beers and ciders. The heaven of vegan foods.

The place has a very Scandinavian vibe. Grey walls, green plants, and wooden furniture. If you want to have dinner or brunch (on Saturdays) I recommend you book a table by sending an email to boka@mineralmalmo.se. Otherwise, it can be pretty tricky to find a table during weekends, especially for the Saturday brunch, over summer. Therefore, they always have some space at the bar so you don’t miss out completely on the experience.

Jazz for brunch, music bands for dinner and, special menus for special events like Christmas make this place unique. It’s important to note that, during winter, brunch is not available. In fact, the place opens evenings only. The price is on average higher than the other vegan places we’ve been to (except for the raw kitchen), but for a reason. Indeed, it is the fanciest of the vegan and vegetarian brunch places we’ve tried.
Actually, it ranks number 4 in our Ultimate Malmo vegan food guide because it represents exactly the quality of the Scandinavian design, but it’s less accessible than the first 3 options.

Sankt Knuts väg 13,
211 57 Malmö

Tuesday – Thursday: 17:00 – 23:00
Friday – Sunday : No brunch during winter only opened in the evening.

Chef’s choice: 395 sek/person
Picking plate plate (see above): 145 sek Main (one is not enough): 120 sek – 150 sek
Vegetable charcuterie plate: 185 sek

Raw Kitchen – and the most surprising Cheese Platter (vegan raw food and gluten-free):

Not long after becoming vegan Rapha and I decided to celebrate the end of our long-distance relationship at the Raw Kitchen in Malmö. We were far from thinking that our dinner would become a culinary discovery. After this experience, we realized how wrong we were thinking that vegan foods and raw foods were boring.

The Raw Kitchen is well known for its special cheese platter made with homemade fermented nut cheeses. I am french. And, for me, cheese is a very serious topic. It was, actually, the hardest thing to say bye to when becoming vegan. But, the Raw Kitchen’s vegan cheeses completely blew my mind. They use traditional cheesemaking techniques to replicate the taste and textures of my favorite classics, including mold-ripened blue and white. The only difference is: instead of using dairy products they use cashews (thanks for the environment!).

Everything is homemade. From the vegan cheeses to the pizza or the cakes. Oh, yes. The cakes… don’t forget to try them. Especially the Tiramisu, or TiRAWmisu as the owner calls it. Honestly, the best I had in my life and I couldn’t believe it was vegan. You will find your happiness there, any time of the week. They have brunch during weekends, lunches on weekdays and, even a chef’s degustation. The star of all the brunch places in Malmö.

Brogatan 11,
211 44 Malmö

HOURS (cafe):
Tuesday – Thursday: 12:00 – 22:00
Friday – Saturday: 11:30 – 23:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 16:00
Monday: Closed

Raw Kitchen Experience: 490 sek/person
Brunch Saturday 12:00-15:00: 159 sek
Menu: around 180 sek/plate

AB Småland – Malmö’s green lifestyle concept (vegan and vegetarian):

Are you a big fan of the Scandinavian culture, over expensive second-hand furniture and jungles (like me)? Then, this place is made for you. AB Småland is the place I used to go every weekend when I moved to Malmö. It has my three favorite things in life: food, tropical plants and, a lifestyle shop.

A lot of young parents go there for their Sunday brunch as it’s one of the most trendy brunch places of Malmö. Sunday (vegan and vegetarian options). Going there puts you in the Scandinavian mood as you sip on your latte looking at the craft exhibited. The food in itself is not much more expensive than other cafés in Malmö. I personally had to stop going there every weekend because I would always leave with a new plant. My bank account didn’t like that.

The whole concept revolves around sustainability. Therefore, they use the second floor for workshops within that topic and art exhibitions. Going there ends up being always more than having a Swedish Fika. I always walk around, check their new products or plants and the artists exhibited.

The brunch: Vegan and vegetarian salads, tubs, today’s soup, and bread (until 14:30 every day).

Södra Förstadsgatan 25/27,
211 43 Malmö

HOURS (cafe):
Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 16:00

Breakfast: 50 sek – 90 sek (until 11:00 or 12:00 on weekends)
Lunch buffet: 135 sek or 150 sek on weekends (until 14:30)

Lotta Love – Malmö’s best açai bowls (vegan foods & raw foods):

Are you a fan of açaí bowls and healthy vegan food? Then, Lotta love is the place for you. I literally go there at least once a week as it’s 2 minutes walking from where I work. They work with organic products and, even though the tropical fruits travel the world which is not very sustainable, they are wild-harvested in the Amazonian. Thinking about it, if you want to be healthy and sustainable, maybe go for the vegan and delicious stews they have instead. At least those are made with local products!

There are not many seats but the little room is very cozy and cute. Perfect to have a chat and enjoy a raw cake on a Saturday. Or a toast, or a super shake, or all of it for that matter. Don’t forget: the place is closed on Sunday. If you’re going there over lunch, try to be there at 11:30. The stew will be ready and the place won’t be crowded. At lunchtime, it becomes really hard to get your food in less than 20 minutes, so if you’re in a hurry (if like me you’re working or catching a train) make sure to arrive before 12:00. Unlike France or the United States, they take their time to prepare orders, Swedish style… 

What I love about Lotta love is that everything is vegan and mostly plant-based (no processed food). It’s a very safe choice if you want to go for something that tastes good, feels good and, is not overpriced. For these reasons, it had to be on our Ultimate Malmo vegan food guide.


HOURS (cafe):
Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday: Closed

Bowls: 180 sek
Supershakes: 59 sek
Lunch (stews): 89 sek
Toasts: 49 – 69 sek

Leve – best vegan donuts in Malmö:

Another wonderful place that is putting sustainability at its core. Leve bakery doesn’t only work with raw and locally produced materials (of the season). They put a lot of effort into offering plant-based options, too. They did so by replacing the dairy and eggs in their pastries and sweets with vegetal options.

Where I work we always have our Friday Swedish Fika from Leve. One person from the team, different each time, goes there before the opening to make sure we get our vegan donuts. Indeed, every single Friday Leve produces unique and special donuts. Every single time it is different, and if you want to drool I suggest you take a look at their Instagram page here. If you want to have access to the fresh bash of donuts on Friday then you need to get there before the opening. Otherwise, they have a second bash at 16:00 too. Again be there before, it will quickly be over.

To be completely honest with you, one thing that is very hard for me to be plant-based is to have to say no to pastries and sweets. In fact, it is why I can say I am only 90% plant-based: here and there I won’t be able to say no to a cake or sweet. However, this place is 100% vegan-friendly!

But, with Leve, I can be certain to find my plant-based heaven. First, they are the best donuts I had in my life it’s always so fresh and very sought after. Second, they have plant-based options and healthy ones! Oh, and they also have fantastic bread.

211 47 Malmö

Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 – 18:30 Saturday: 9:00 – 16:00

Manna café – vegan lunch, sweets & coffee:

One of the most popular places in Malmö is called Mitt Möllan. It is a place for art, a place for design and, as you can imagine, a place for food. A lot of creative events happen there, from spring markets to flea markets, they have it all. If you’re doing a day trip from Malmö to Copenhagen, I highly recommend you to take a look. It’s full of surprises.

Manna café is a sweet place to start your Mitt Möllan exploration. The café is completely plant-based and you will find raw cakes, nut-free and, gluten-free goodies. The café is in the middle of the mall and is closed on Sunday! We had an amazing time there, playing cards and having (a lot of) different cakes. The service is really friendly and that is something that really adds a nice touch to the food, isn’t it?

The place doesn’t only offer vegan pastries and raw cakes. You can, too, have different types of warm drinks. But, they also have an amazing smoothie that Rapha ordered and that I drank. Too good! In addition to this, they offer lunches and, even if not many things are available they are all good. Anyways, a menu offering a few choices is always a good sign. What I mean is that they do a few things but, they do it well!

Claesgatan 8,
214 26 Malmö

Monday – Saturday: 11:00 – 16:00 Sunday: Closed

Vegan Bar – vegan burgers:

This last Malmo vegan food place is still a mystery to me. In other words, to be completely honest with you we haven’t been, yet. But, the reason why I added it to the list is that I’ve heard great things about it. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before I go and try it.

The restaurant is situated in Möllan, quite close to Manna café actually. Adding to that, it’s pretty easy to go for a beer after your burger a the place is surrounded by all the cool bars in Malmö. I thought this could be a detail that would make you happy…

Posters and inspiring quotes like “eat p***, not pork” are decorating the walls. So, if you’re not too much into black and white posters with bold messages (both the font and the meaning), maybe this won’t be your type. We’re getting away from the Scandinavian minimalism and heading towards a more “humorous” style. Again, we haven’t tried this place but thought it would be important to have it in our Malmo vegan food as it is a place that is known for its vegan foods. And, if you happen to try before us, leave us a comment.

Thank You for reading our ultimate Malmo vegan food guide. And, of course, I hope you will find this useful and that you’ll enjoy some of our best brunch places when visiting Malmö. Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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