Conversation with Organic Basics (organic cotton underwear brand)

A few days ago, I wrote an article about ethical underwear. I was sharing my experience with Organic Basics, and the organic cotton underwear items I got from them. It inspired me so much that, after receiving them, I asked to talk to someone from Organic Basics. I wanted to have a discussion about ethical brands and sustainable fashion.

Within a couple of hours Larisa, from Organic Basics, got back to me. She answered my questions in the most transparent and humble way possible. Therefore, because some of you also asked me, I decided to share this talk with her. So, here you have it, I hope it answers a few questions you might ask yourself. Otherwise, just ask them in the comments and I will make sure to pass them along!

Meeting with Larisa from Organic Basics

Kim: Hi, Larissa thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, and our readers. Could you introduce Organic Basics and yourself, please?

Larisa: Hi, my name is Larisa and I work as an influencer and affiliate coordinator at Organic Basics. Organic Basics is underwear, activewear and essentials brand from Copenhagen that puts sustainability at the center of everything.

Mads, Alex, and Christoffer started the company in 2015. The team has known each other since they were students, and worked together in previous ventures, within the area of fashion.

Kim:That’s cool! And how long have you been working there? Do you like it?

Larisa: I love working here. The main reason is that I am surrounded by people with a wonderful sustainable approach and I really like to see the impact we create for a better planet.  Moreover, I also like how transparent the company is towards us, the employees; all the information is shared with everyone in the company and that makes me feel valued and respected.

Kim: Could you tell us a bit more about what the values of Organic Basics are, and how they fit in the world where the fashion industry?

The fashion industry is dirty, and we want it to be better. We believe in choosing fabrics and factory partners that align with our values. Also, we also believe that people should only buy when they need it.

Kim: Nowadays it’s hard to understand the labels with all the fast fashion companies using confusing terms like “ethical underwear” or “green choice”… which are the main materials we should avoid in garments (clothing) and which are the most sustainable ones?

Larisa: Sustainability is complex. We try to avoid labeling things as “green” or similar and rather try to communicate why and how we make things better than the typical industry practices. In terms of garments, it’s important to find products that will last both in terms of quality and “look”. It’s always best to look for organic, natural, low impact (like TENCEL™ lyocell) and or recycled textiles.

Kim: On a scale from 1 to 10, how sustainable would you say that Organic Basics is? When I say sustainable, I am taking into consideration the three factors: Labour, Environment and, Animals.

Larisa: We’d rather not give ourselves a score here. We’d rather show you what we are doing. We work with GOTS and SA8000 certified factories to ensure ethical standards of labor. We also work with factories that align with our values in terms of environment i.e. waste reduction and renewable energy usage. And in terms of animals – all our products are PETA “Approved vegan” aside from the recycled wool socks.

Kim: If you could tell our community one thing (to inspire them to make better choices for example) what would it be?

Larisa: Keep learning with us about how to make the fashion industry better.


If you are interested in knowing more about sustainability you should check the UN website. They have done an amazing job of categorizing the different pillars of sustainability(read here).

I hope you enjoyed this little talk and understand why I chose this brand to buy my underwear from. Sustainability is complex. But, with the right amount of passion and empathy, we can make a lot of changes. You might not see them as changes, but in the long run, they will change you forever. And, before you know it, you’ll have embraced a more conscious way of living your life.

PS: remember that you have a 10% discount with the code KIMOBC1 on Organic Basics (click here).


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