Day tour to the blue lagoon Croatia, Vis, and Stiniva beach

After completing our Croatia 7 days itinerary we realized we had one more day before taking the plane back to Sweden. And, as we heard about the beauty of Vis island and its surroundings, we decided to do this review of the blue lagoon Croatia. This article will contain information about the blue lagoon, Vis town, Stiniva beach, Komiza town and, the blue cave.

Streets of Vis town in Croatia

Best time to visit Vis island:

Because of the crowd of tourists usually rushing to these gems we recommend you to go from May to mid-June. And, then, later in September after the high season (July-August).

Don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy high temperatures at both times. We went to the blue lagoon Croatia at the beginning of October and were able to swim. I actually got my best tan ever!

However, if you go from July to August, you’ll find yourself surrounded by sailings boats anchoring in Vis. The weather is hotter, not so good for hikes, and the prices of food and accommodation are at their peak.

If you do not want to pay a private boat (very expensive) from Split or Hvar, we suggest you take the ferry from Split. You have private Split boat tours as well as going to Vis and other places, but the ferry is the most economic option.

The beautiful city of Kut, silent and calm after summer has passed.

The ferry from Split to Vis island

We found out that a private boat tour, from Split to visit the blue lagoon or Vis island, is very expensive. The most budget-friendly options for day trips to the blue lagoon from Split is the ferry.

But, if you can afford it, then a private boat tour is the best way to know more about the blue lagoon and the history of Vis island. But, keep in mind that prices for private tours (and we’re talking low season) can be 350€ – 600€.

Back to the ferry. The Jadrolinija company is serving the route toward Vis city. During high season, there are 3 or 4 journeys per day whereas during low season there are only 3 to 5 journeys per day. The trip takes between 1h30 and 2h20 and costs 55 kunas (7,5€).

Our day tour to the blue lagoon Croatia and Vis island

Blue Lagoon Croatia: island of Budikovac

The Blue Lagoon often referred to as the Turquoise Lagoon, takes up most of the small island of Budikovac. This island is situated on the southeast side of the island Vis. There is no entrance fee.

Three islands are forming the blue lagoon. The first one is Budikovac island and, the other two, are called “small Budikovac” and “Sanak”. It is only reachable by a boat trip. The water is not just blue, it’s translucent which makes it perfect to take some underwater shots.

It’s one of the most beautiful sites we’ve seen. However, we’ve spotted a lot of plastic on the beach next to the lagoon. There is only one person living on Budikovac all year long. And about the restaurant, we did not try it. However the reviews online are a bit mixed, so eat at your own risk!

Stiniva beach: secluded cove on Vis island

Awarded Europe’s Best Beach in 2016, Stiniva beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian islands. The blue cove is secluded and steep cliffs are surrounding it. And, it will give you one beautiful experience.
You can reach Stiniva Beach Croatia by boat trip or hiking. There is no entrance fee.


There are many boat tours on Vis island, from Vis town or Komiza, that will take you there. Thanks to our blog we found a private speed boat to get there. But, even like that, we had to share Stiniva beach with a lot of tourists. During summer, some boats can not even get to the beach, as there are too many people: don’t go during July-August!


If you are exploring Vis island by car or scooter, you can drive over to Stiniva Cove. There, you can park up in the parking site located at the top of the hill. And, after that, you can hike to Stiniva beach by taking the hiking trail. The travel, walking from the parking to the beach, is twenty-five to thirty minutes.

Vis town: on Vis island

If you’re staying in Vis Town you don’t need a car. It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the harbor to Kut, the oldest and prettiest part. It’s actually where most people stay when visiting Vis island.

We felt thrown back to the past when we arrived in Kut. The beautiful stone houses facing the blue sea gave us a feeling of freedom. We were the only two tourists at the time, thanks to our ability to wake up early, and it didn’t disappoint us.

Bucket list: what we’ll do next time

Komiza city: on Vis island

Once a fishing village, Komiza is a coastal town located on the western coastline of Vis island. Renowned for its houses from the 17th and 18th century lined up in small lanes, this town is definitely on our bucket list for next time.

As a matter of fact, if you are staying in Vis town, day trips to Komiza are an easy addon to your itinerary. We found out that buses travel regularly between both towns.

Blue cave: in the bay of Balun (island of Biševo)

The Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto (Modra špilja), is a stunning natural treasure located on the island Biševo close to Vis. We were sad not to be able to do it, but our guide couldn’t take us there on that day. However, we found this nice article when we were reading about it. We hope you can find more information.

This cave is famous for the magical blue light flooding in when the sun is at its peak. So, for photo addicts like us, you can understand why we were heartbroken not to go there. An electric blue color coming in through a natural opening is illuminating the blue cave from inside. Well, it’s not so natural as it apparently was cracked open with dynamite.

The entrance fee is 70 Kuna (9,20€) and it is possible to go inside, but, only by using the designated small vessels. The blue cave is a popular sight so we recommend you come in advance to get inside it during the best time.

Blue lagoon Krknjasi on the island of Drvenik Veli

This beautiful gem is protected by two islands surrounding its calm waters. The bottom of the lagoon is formed by clear sand making the color of the water crystal blue. If you’re chasing lagoons, then add it to your bucket list like us!

Trogir Croatia: the little Venice of Dalmatia

Trogir city is a Unesco World Heritage site. The medieval city is very well preserved. We love how authentic the cities in Croatia are. Honestly, it’s just beautiful as a country to visit. We didn’t get enough and these 4 last places are on our bucket list for a reason: we need to come back to Split Croatia!

As we haven’t visited Trogir, we’d recommend you go on this website that has a very well detailed description of what you can expect from this beautiful city.

Vis town and its church with the bougainvillea decorating the walls.

We were very lucky to do a partnership with VISRENT, a boat company. Nikola took us on our blue lagoon tour. Actually he had so much to share about blue lagoon, Vis town, and Stiniva. In fact, if ever need again a guide for a tour Split could offer, we’d ask Nikola again.

So whatever you’re into, a cave tour or a single day blue lagoon trip, just go to Split Croatia. The islands around are like tens of cookies ready to be eaten by travel addicts like you! Oh, yeah my two passions are traveling and eating. By the way, if you’re looking for vegan places when in Split just check this article: “Best vegan food, Split Croatia”.

We hope this review of the blue lagoon Croatia, Vis island, and Stiniva beach will help you plan your boat tour to the Croatian islands. We found out about many other sights including a green cave, Smokova Bay and a Military tunnel (Vis used to be a military base). And, we hope to be able to write about them if we ever visit Croatia again.


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