We are Kim and Raphaël…

Two French kids raised on the island Hispaniola in the Carribean.

Rapha was raised in Haiti, and I was raised in the Dominican Republic (the neighborhood country).
We only met a few years after leaving our island, in Montpellier (France). Some say it was meant to be.

After dating for a month Kim had to start her studies in Sweden. So she left… This is when we had this crazy idea to start our long-distance relationship.
Friends and family thought we were crazy to start this only after dating for just a month. But this challenge became our biggest opportunity, and to this day we are grateful that we had the chance to do it.

Let You Wander was a medium for us to document our first trip together (Cuba) and have a side project of our own, to nurture our relationship when we would be far away.

Lovers without borders

During these 3,5 years of a long-distance distance relationship, our love for traveling grew immensely. We knew we needed to make this happen, to make us happen and for that, we decided to nurture our common passion: traveling and sharing experiences. We never would have thought that Let You Wander would become such a community of lovers, travelers, and positive millennials.

We realized that a long-distance relationship is nothing people should be scared of. It’s a challenge that only strengthens the bond between two people. And we wanted to show that it was possible as students to travel on a budget, meet as much as possible and still enjoy life to the fullest.

Our first big travel experience was in Cuba for one month. We’ve put 400 euros each, and we spent one month there. So YES, it’s possible. You can do it too. Take a backpack, save some money and just DO IT.






On a mission

We decided that we would always spread a message of positivity, love, and inclusion. We are dedicated to having a positive impact and supporting other people.
If you’re going through like starting a long-distance relationship, transitioning to a plant-based diet, or you just need a boost of positive travel experiences: THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!

Every step we take is a new journey and we want you to be aware that everyone is evolving. Us included. So we are more than happy to receiving your feedback, inputs, and insights in the comment section.
Everything we write here comes from personal opinions, it’s not the universal truth.




For us being human means having empathy, staying true to ourselves and caring about the countries we visit, the people we meet. 



People are our inspiration and we want to celebrate them. 



We stay humble as we know that we don’t know anything. Love and wisdom are life long learning. This is a forever journey.



We grew up loving mother Earth. We had to face early in this journey the environmental impact we have and we decided that our mission would be to educate ourselves on this subject.



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